Aroma Expert Purify

This is an excellent treatment for combination and oily skins based on aquatic plant extracts.The Matt and Pure mask will instantly absorb impurities and excess sebum, tighten the skins texture and brighten dull complexions.

Aroma Expert Purify  -  €80

Aroma Expert Essential

The perfect treatment for dehydrated skin and skin in need of radiance. The Hydra Force mask will bathe your skin in absolute moisture and the vitamins will add radiance to leave you with a plumped and glowing complexion.

Aroma Expert Essential  -  €80

Aroma Expert Sooth  

A treatment for sensitive and reactive skins. The Harmonie Extreme mask with plant extracts and soothing essential oils will calm and soothe delicate sensitive skin and target redness.

Aroma Expert Sooth  -  €80

Aroma Expert Lift  (We offer two masks for mature skin targeting different age groups)

Evidence Lift

This mask is formulated to treat the first signs of ageing, Rich in marine sediments, brown algae and vitamin c. It will plump out lines and wrinkles , improve skin firmness, give radiance and lighten dark spots.

Evidence Lift  -  €80


Which means to smooth. This treatment is suitable for mature skins. The mask is bursting with active ingredients to provide a triple action  wrinkle correction, firmness and radiance.

Liss’Age  -  €80

Decleor 1 Hour Facial

This prescription facial is suitable for all skin types. Using Decleors highly effective products it includes a cleanse,exfoliation,extraction, massage,mask and moisturise. Your complexion will look clearer, healthy and glowing.

Decleor 1 Hour Facial - €55

Vital Eye    

This specialised treatment  will hydrate and nourish the delicate skin around the eye area helping to ease fine lines and dark circles.

Vital Eye (40 mins)  -  €35

(Incorporate this treatment with any Decleor facial for €30)



Microdermabrasion removes dead skin cells through the process of  a vacuum which delivers a controlled flow of fine crystals to deeply exfoliate the skin. It stimulates the underlying layers of skin to produce new collagen which naturally plumps the skin to combat the effects of ageing.

Intensive Microdermabrasion treatment including Mask & Hydration   -  

Course of  3 No. (prepaid)  -   

Ultimate Facial


This combines micro-dermabrasion, extraction, facial massage, mask and moisturise.

Ultimate Facial  -  €80

NEW ***   Milia  (White Head Removal)


Mila or Whitehead removal is carried out with the use of a thermolysis machine. Virtually pain free.

Milia (White Head Removal)  -  From €15

Dr Daneillo Profound Glycolic Treatments

Glycolic Peel

This treatment uses an acid derived from sugar cane which dissolves dead skin cells, stimulates fibroblasts to increase new collagen, lightens pigmentation, reduces pore size and minimise scars leaving skin bright, firm and beautiful.

Glycolic Peel - €80

Course of 3 No. (prepaid) - €200

Glycolic Facial

This facial gives a deep glycolic triple cleanse, followed by a brightening exfoliation, extraction, facial massage, profound mask and hydration. Suitable for all skin types to give bright, radiant skin.

Glycolic Facial  -  €80

Decleor Face

All Decleor facials take 85mins combining skin analysis, back massage, full facial massage, exfoliation,extraction, intensive mask and moisturise.

Aroma Expert Nourish

This is a treatment for very dry skins. The Divine Nutrition Mask acts like a meal for the skin. It is rich in nutrients and vitamins  essential to nourish the driest lipid lacking skin.

Aroma Expert Nourish  -  €80

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